Amegan is the infamous Mechanical City that resides in central Fiore. It is a city that resents Magic and embraces Machinery in its place.

Amegan 1


Amegan is a large industrial city that lies on Web Valley's largest fissure filled with Ocean water from beneath it but was filled with a pipeline system and mounted with stable foundation where the city was created atop of. Amegan is now a large city with tall buildings and a rainy sub tropical climate due to the ocean currents which also cause thick clouds to form above the city leaving it in a dark array.


Amegan is a famous city made from machines and outcasts magic because of that It's citizens are mainly comprized of mechanics that work hard to create new machines to trade across fiore which funds the cities economy. These towns people find magic unessserry, evil and outlandish also believing that machines can solve any problem. Amegan is famous for creating Mechanical Golems which fix most problems and are used for heavy lifting.


Known CitizensEdit