The Kingdom of Fiore is a great land that contains many cities, forests, oceans and Guilds that are famous for their Magic.


Fiore is a giant continent that is ruled into one Kingdom known as Fiore. It contains a vast population of legal citizens, Wizards, official officers, engineers, criminals and many more. It is surrounded by two large oceans known as the Nepsian Sea and the Venian Sea .


Central FioreEdit

Central Fiore is the middle of Fiore that has a very dry climate but contains some wetlands where the land has given into the weathering and erosion. Even so it contains several famous cities and landmarks :

  • Era: A large city covered by its very own unique land mass that is completly unique and very unlike even the sub tropical areas in the web valley.
  • Web Valley: A large desert like flatland where the land is fissured by weathing and erosion explosing the land to the see where gysers of water come through and evaporate into the skys from time to time giving some places a plain like plantation where most of the cities are built.

Northeast FioreEdit

Northern Fiore is covered mostly in forested Areas that have been modernized by a vast amount of cities and even more small villages aswell as landmarks such as:

Southeast FioreEdit

Southeast Fiore is a grassy flatland area with low elevation that can quickly change with randomly elavated hills such as the Vandel Mountains. It has many cities and landmarks such as:

Northwest FioreEdit

Northwest Fiore is a highly elevated area covered mostly in low elevated hills and mountains where cities ten dto prosper and is why Northwest Fiore is the capital for Magic Selling and the home base of the Rune Knights. It has a many cities and land marks such as: