Gargoyles are very strong yet not very intellegent creatures due to the fact they only have instinct to attack anything they see besides themself.

Additional Information
Located In Mountain, Forest (Rare)


Gargoyles are big strong muscalar creatures made out of very strong stone. They have a long slim face with horns and ears at the top and yellow eyes. Their wings are big and long and although made out of stone, they can fly very well. They have hooks at the top of the rings so both wings can hook together around them. The Gargoyles sit on top of the huge cliffsides of Kurama Falls and inside Gargoylic Maze. The ones inside Gargoylic Maze are grey and the ones at Kurama Falls are brown.


  • Stone Build: The stone that embodies the Gargoyle is very frim and strong allowing it to take alot and dish out even more.
  • Flight: The bat like wings it possess allows it to take flight even with its heavy weight.