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Located In Swamps, Dry Lands
Lizardmen are humanoid lizard-like creatures from Fiore.


Lizardmen appear to be masculine humanoid lizard-like creatures with spiked scales covering their body. They possess a plate that covers their forehead and a light-colored mane that ranges from the top of their skull to their back. His legs also take hove-like appearances. They inhabit swamp and rocky areas.


  • Strength: Lizardmen posses strength greater then strong men of their build.
  • Scales: Lizardman scales can take several hits from blades and still resist damage.
  • Requip: Lizardman posses a unique ability to be able to use requip magic to switch the weaponry of their choice.
    • Axe: Lizardmans favored weapon is a large axe that could cleave a boulder in two with one swing.