The Job List are the quests available to Guilds at this time. Updated Weekly


D-Class QuestsEdit

The Magic Mixing PotEdit

A town healer is making a rememdy to cure the recent outbreak of Clipper Poks that have infested the city. Due to rampid flocks of Clippers outside no town residents can get the ingredients. It's your job to get the list and find the ingredients.


  • 50 Jewel
  • 35 EXP

Message DeliveringEdit

A young boy requested to send his letter to a mysterious young girl. But he doesn't know her address except that she lives in Hargeon Town. He included a photo of her 5 years ago and some of her habits. Deliver the letter to this mysterious girl.


  • 25 Jewel
  • 10 EXP

C-Class QuestsEdit


Rival Gangs are pitting up pets to fight eachother in an arena not to far from Oak Town. This is extremly illegal and people from the town are speaking up for wizards to break in and stop this.


  • 125 Jewel
  • 90 EXP

Steam DrivenEdit

There is said to be a legendary item trapped underneath the Ara Ruins. A traveling expedition has nearly uncovered it after 9 years but now they are constantly attacked by theives. They are looking for Magic Protection from Wizards.


  • 150 Jewel
  • 125 EXP

B-Class QuestsEdit

A Dark Curse Magic has been infested within the metical supply of a Medical Center in Nirablo. Hoping to spread the virus, one of the Doctors is suspected to be a Dark Wizard. They are hiring Wizards to help investigate and protect inoccent lives.


  • 300 Jewel
  • 175 EXP

A-Class QuestsEdit

Temptation in TempostEdit

Within Central Fiore in the city of Tempost the Rebel Conflict has come to a stand still with the Rune Knights. Not agreeing with the Union's policy's Tempost ceceeds from the Rune's. The forces have pulled out from the city allowing the Militia to take the city under their rule and opress the people with their dark magic. The villagers have pulled together a sum of money to hire anyone to help them escape the hell they call home.

  • 500 Jewel
  • 300 EXP