Get StartedEdit

Registration ProcessEdit

  • Everyone can get started by creating their character and choosing their any starting magic.
  • The character will then be given their stats and exp gauge (Templates) while their magic is looked over by the magic council to make sure its eligable. The Council will then issue you a Wizardry License that will confim that you have been fully registered to preform magic and join guilds.
  • After the character has been fully registered you are eligible to join/create a guild in order to go on quests.


  • Most of a Wizard's Journey is on a Quest.
    • Quests will be posted on the Job List which will be available to all guilds.
  • EXP and Any Prizes will be listed on the Quest before you take on the adventure.
    • The Quest will detail the Area , difficulty and over all goal of the adventure aswell.
  • Once completed the Adventure Guide will make it official by recording the quest and document your reward on the character page.
    • The EXP is recorded on the template given during the registration process. This template will also notify you on your ranking progress based on your EXP.
  • Your EXP will be the base of how you are ranked, a requirement for each level of wizard will be based on your EXP. (EX: 5000 EXP = C-Class Wizard)
    • Your stats and magic will also be increased by your EXP Ranking.


  • Guilds are groups of skilled wizards that band together to take on quests.
  • Guilds are started by a master and two other followers as a minimum requirment.
  • Guilds are ranked upon QP which is based upon the level of quests completed.

Adventure SystemEdit

  • Characters are moderated by an "Adventure Guide" that will narrate their quest as they go along.
  • "Adventure Guides" will notify you when you have come in contact with conflict (EX: Monster etc) or when something else is going on (EX: Town Riot).
  • You battle by narrating your character (EX: *Punches Vulcan*)
  • Spells and items can be used freely but your magical energy will be monitered by the Adventure Guide.
  • During the course of your story it will be monited and recorded on your character page and categorized based on Arcs. Arcs are story events that take place during a certain Saga. Sagas are pre-released and set up by the Magic Council. The story builds on itself as the arc does based on the events that occur during the quests of that arc building up a story.