Magic Council
The Magic Council

The Magic CouncilEdit

The Magic Coucil are the absolute force within the Kingdom of Fiore and their word goes without question. They authorize Wizards with licenses that allow them to preform Magic within Fiore. They look over all spells and magic used by these Wizards and even the Guilds that they join. They promote Wizards and Guilds to different classes based on their deeds within Fiore. The Magic Council can also be your enemy as they act as the law enforcement. They decide all and punish all who defy their laws. They can promote and demote as they please and can use lethal force to make sure that Fiore is in no danger.

Council Members Edit

Name Rank Status
User:Desboy96Council MemberActive
User:Titi and CoCouncil MemberActive


Licensing Edit

  • You will turn in your character in the tab above.
  • The Magic Council will decide if the characters abilities based on the description given by the creator are fair and balanced enough to even be elidgeable for their Wizarding License.
  • If they pass they will recieve their Wizarding License making them eligible to perform Magic and join a guild.
  • Their magic is then also reviewed for eligibility and officiated by the council.


  • The Magic Council will post all quests in the Job List tab above.
  • Quests are available to all guilds and intel the rewards and journey details.