The is where is where you can turn in your application for your Wizardry License.
Shinn's License

Shinn Elbion's License


Your character must meet these requirments to recieve their Wizardry Liscense.

  • Fair and Balanced Layout: Your character must have a balanced layout to their skills, they cannot be overpowered in anyway and must balance out each of their stregnths and weakness'. (EX: High Stregnth, Low Speed/Magic)
  • Magical Selection: Your character must choose a Magic of C-Class or below to practice to gain a wizardry Liscense this will be known as your starting Magic. You may create your own style of that magic but this will also be looked at during the review for your liscensing.
    • Please choose your magic and create your spells before applying for Liscensing to avoid changing your Magic without consultation. You may do so later on aslong as you consult a Council member for review first.

Leave your character in the commenting section below to be reviewed for their Wizardry Liscense.


Your Wizardiry License lets the magic council know that you are legally registered to preform Magic and join a Guild. Your Wizardry License also details your class of Wizard meaning how strong you are based on your EXP obtained from completing Quests with your guild.

  • D-Class: (0-999 EXP) - (5 Spells per Magic Style)
  • C-Class: (1000-4999 EXP) - (10 Spells per Magic Style)
  • B-Class: (5000-19,999 EXP) - (15 Spells per Magic Style)
  • A-Class: (20,000-74,999 EXP) - (20 Spells per Magic Style)
  • S-Class: (75,000 EXP) (Must Pass S-Class Exam) - (25 Spells per Magic Style)


Your Wizardy Liscense can be stamped by different shops around Fiore that will allow them to send you a certificate that will allow you to buy magic limited by your EXP. Every time you earn said amount of EXP you recieve another stamp from that shop allowing you to buy another magic. Magic buying is limited by this to contain the amount of Magic used by one Wizard. Certificate, EXP Ranges vary by shops.