Magnolia Town is a city located in Southeast Fiore.

Magnolia Town
Magnolia Town

Southeast Fiore, along the Tune River


Magnolia is located in the southeastern part of Fiore set up ontop of the tune river with a sturdy foundation and several stream lines. The buildings are set up on ground but the cities has several water ways with water directly from the ocean. With the sea and Hargeon Town not too far to the south and Hakobe Island close to the north linking to Magnolia through the Tune River. Many jobs are posted directly in Magnolia Town due to its reputation for having many powerfull Wizards residing within it. It's town prospers through its magic based economy and water based energy system which gives everyone a comfortable life.

Several other famous towns and islands are located not to far from Magnolia such as:

  • East Forest: The forest across the Tune River east of Magnolia town.
    • Acalypha Town: The Town closest to Magnolia that is located to within East Forest.
  • Hargeon Town: A small sea port town which often trades with Magnolia, it is located south of Magnolia across the Tune River.
  • Oak Town: A Town set up along the tune river far up to the north.
  • Hakobe Island:A large Island infamous for its fierce weather, it is located north across the Tune River.

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