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Masamune is the physical entity of the Magic Sword of the same name. This form is normally only used when Masamune wishes to move around the world and communicate or after he infultrates the opponents body this form is the one that subdues them by defeating them in battle in their own sub conscious soul.


Masamune is a tall middle aged man with black hair and souless black eyes. Masamune wears traditional garb that is colored in all black and normally hidden under a large white cloak.


Masamune is soft spoken and a very calm "person" he is usally thought to be underestimated by all his opponents and becomes furious whenever he is looked down apon. Masamune has a very dark personality due to the many souls he's consumed and has inherited the many personalities of his victims which he suppresses but can sometimes break through making Masamune seem like he has several personalities.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Because Masamune is actually a magical item that can take this form, Masamune posses the ability to transform into the legendary blade itself and whoever wields it this entity takes over their soul from the inside and devours it.

  • Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Masamune shows great skill in weilding "himself" while subdoing the opponents soul. Masamune normally uses a slower style of fighting that breaks through the opponents defence and physically demolishes them.
  • Enhanced Strength: Masamune is not held down by human limitations as he is shown to have incredible strength which he mixes in with his swordsmanship to crush his victims.
  • Shadow Magic: Masamune uses shadow magic while weilding "himself" to create puppet like creatures to fight in sync and overwelm the opponent.