This Page Intels an Easy Guide to choosing your Magic.

Magic Circle 1


  • Start off by looking through the list of Magic
    • Your only allowed C-Class or below to start so choose carefully.
  • Look at your character and think what would fit them best.
    • Explore all the possibilities of matching with your character including matching with their equipment or even their fighting style. (Ex: Requip for Weapon users)
  • Next think about what it could develop into.
    • Explore all the possibilities including creating your own style of that Magic. (EX: Ice-Make is a style of Molding Magic)
  • After choosing a fitting Magic for your character decide whether you want to use the magic in its basic form or create your own style/variant of that magic. (Ex: Eye of Insight is a style of Eye Magic )
    • If you choose to do so then please create the page for your own style and make sure it is approved by the Magic Council.
  • After your characters been approved along with its Magic then u may create your own spells with a limit of 10 per Wizard Class.
    • These spells will be closely monitered by the Magic Council