This Page Intels an Easy Guide to creating your very own character.

Your Character


  • Start of by giving us a one sentence summary on your character at the very top of the page
    • EX: "Insert Character Name Here" is a Wizard that lives in Magnolia Town and is apart of The Black Talon Guild.
  • To give the reader a feel about your character write two paragraphs telling us about their appearance and then their personality.
  • Next you can begin adding your characters equipment. Make sure to list it then use ":" and a sentence to intel us what it is and how its used.
  • Now you can begin adding your characters skills and abilities, remember to keep them balanced and not too powerfull or else they won't be given their Wizardry Liscense. Use the Skills page to make sure ur using the correct layout for their skills and abilities.
  • Finnally Add the Template:Wizard Infobox to the characters page and fill it out accordingly.
  • You can also add some pictures to the article to give us clear depiction of the character or their abilities and etc.

Example Page: Shinn Elbion