Web Valley is large dry land mass that covers nearly all of Central Fiore.

Web Valley
Web Valley

Central East Fiore


The Web Valley is located far past the Nepsian sea all the way to central fiore where the land has been weathered and eroded by nature creating several fissures and abyss'. These places are where the ocean underneath the land comes through and spreads across the flatland growing vegetation and evaporating into the clouds giving precipitation and where most cities are located.

Circini Desert

The Web Valley is infamous for containing the dryest and largest desert in Fiore. The Circini Desert contrains very little population as it is very swelteringly dry and hot and is ravaged by sandstorms. Within the Ciricini desert are some villages and cities that are ravaged by the weather causing them to be mor eprimative and isolated making them the perfect places for criminals and dark guilds. Examples of these locations are.

SubTropic Areas

Some places within Web Valley have deep enough fissure valleys to wear the ocean water floods up from the inside and is evaporated into the dry air. This creates a mixing effect between the two elements and causes the flatland to gain a plain like effect growing vegitation making is liable for supporting comfortable lives. Examples of these places are: