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Located In Mountain, Forests

Wyverns are ferocious creatures that live in Fiore.

Appearance Edit

Wyverns are giant, scaly creatures that lurk mostly in forests and areas with cold climates. They have dragon-like features, with large wings that are attached to their arms, a scaly torso and tail. They have sharp teeth, claws, and feet. Wyverns also have spikes on the top of their heads that continuously trail down to their backs. Like the Vulcan, their color seems to vary on the environment they inhabit. Wyvern are rare creatures that only appear on mountain areas and forests.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength and Intelligence: Some Wyverns are shown to be strong, fast and smart and very protective with their supply of food.
  • Magic Resistant: Wyverns seem to be resistant to certain Magical attacks.
  • Flight: Wyvern has a pair of bat-like wings, which allows them to free flying in the sky.


  • Green Wyvern: A ferocious green Wyvern that resides in forests.
  • Blizzardvern: A ferocious white Wyvern that is a herbivore and resides in cold regions.